Month-by-Month Activities

Immersion – Holistic Learning –
Something for Everyone


Month-by-Month Activities

What's Included - Lifelong Learning
  • Lifelong learning library of activities with narrated videos and easy-to-use materials
  • Encouraging & engaging age-appropriate topics
  • Unlimited access 24/7 to all materials via the internet

We've Got You Covered

  • All materials are ready to go; just press play
  • Age-appropriate activities are carefully designed to serve all participants, regardless of their age or stage in life
  • Familiar songs with lyrics on the screen and beautiful poetry, something for everyone


  • Creativity is the least used part of our brain, which means we have the opportunity to create new brain pathways
  • We all have creative and artistic abilities
  • Learning, laughing, and creating every day

Colorful Custom Videos & a Story to Tell

  • Memories and life experiences are brought from the past into the present
  • Lives well-lived are celebrated every day
  • Participating in cognitive stimulation & creative therapy every day can reduce anxiety and improve our quality-of-life

Be Part of the Change

  • Age-appropriate topics help participants connect with the world
  • Focus on cognitive & creative stimulation every day, reduce simplistic activities
  • Participants, and their families, feel valued, loved, and connected

Lifelong Learning Activity Library

Month #1
Month #2
Month #3
Month #4
Month #5
Month #6
Month #7
Month #8
Month #9
Month #10
Month #11
Month #12

Combined Membership Plan

All in one place, cognitive stimulation + physical exercise + well-being and education activities for family members & staff.

TWO new, fun & delightful activities each month. Each activity includes a colorful video filled with images, an interesting & fun story and plenty of opportunities to pause and encourage discussion. Also included is a PPT slide presentation and copy of the story that can be downloaded to be used at any time. 

UNLIMITED access to ALL Wellness & Fitness videos or live sessions. Learn, laugh, and create all month long!

  • Activities & creative workshops follow a monthly theme
  • Pre-recorded Wellness & Fitness videos or live sessions
  • Sign-up for a live session (free for members, registration is required)
  • Our e-learning platform is accessible 24/7
  • Option to download materials
  • Unlimited access to your learning library
  • Free webinars & support sessions
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