Learning & Well-being go Hand-in-Hand

Wellness and Fitness


Wellness & Fitness Library

What's Included - Wellness & Fitness
  • Learning and wellness all-in-one-place.
  • A monthly membership provides you with UNLIMITED access to ALL videos or live sessions.
  • Activities are hosted on an e-learning platform which means that the materials can be accessed 24 / 7 using an electronic device with a WiFi or Bluetooth connection.

We've Got You Covered

  • We have created a library of videos for you to use with your members or participants
  • All materials are carefully designed to serve all participants, regardless of their age or stage in life
  • Videos include: seated fitness, mindfulness & wellness sessions, preparing healthy snacks, creative & expressive sessions

Be Part of the Change

  • A healthy lifestyle is different for every individual
  • Daily fitness sessions can help reduce stress & anxiety and contribute to a better quality of life
  • Joining fun & creative sessions gives purpose and meaning to our lives. All participants are members of the activity!

Wellness & Fitness Categories

Combined Membership Plan

All in one place, cognitive stimulation + creative sessions + physical exercise + well-being. Kick each month off with a new and interesting theme that provides consistency and familiarity for particiapnts.

  • Pre-recorded lifelong learning videos help introduce the monthly theme or you can download the PPT slide deck + narration and present the class.
  • Activities & creative workshops for individual or group proejcts
  • Pre-recorded Wellness & Fitness videos or live sessions
  • Live Music sessions
  • An e-learning platform accessible 24/7
  • Unlimited access to all materials
  • Free webinars & support sessions
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